Song of the Week - Tell the World - Hillsong United

Today we continue the "Song of the Week" series focusing on the songs that will be on the upcoming album Prepare by Gospel Light Worship.

"Tell the World" is far and away my favorite song on the record. On top of that, I predict that it will be the best track. I have a recording of just the music on my mp3 player, and (excuse me for saying this) it's good enough to listen to on it's own, without vocals. And it isn't even mixed.

The song was written in 2004 by Joel Houston, Maryy Sampson and Jonathan Douglass, showing up first on Hillsong United's 2005 album Look to You. Another version of it also shows up on their 2008 recording, The I Heart Revolution:With Hearts as One as well as the Hillsong Kids CD/DVD Tell the World.

This was, if I recall correctly, the first song we decided to put on the record, mainly because it really exemplifies the vision we have for the record: to "tell the world" about Jesus. The thrust of the record is evangelism; this song perfectly expresses that. Plus, it is a fun song to play and to listen to. It's got a good guitar riff, a bass solo, some killer drum fills and a catchy hook.

Here we are doing the song during a service last Easter. The album version is much cooler!


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