Song of the Week - He Reigns - newsboys

Since we didn't get to record last night due to some scheduling issues, I'll return to the regular Friday feature "Song of the Week" this week instead of the "From the Studio" series I've been doing.

I thought that since we are getting closer to releasing the album, I would take a few weeks to talk about the ten song that are making up the record, give you an idea of what they are and why we chose them.

The title of the record is Prepare, and it is going to mostly have a theme of evangelism in one form or another - either the spreading of God's Word ("Tell the World"), or the response to the call ("Your Love is Deep").

"He Reigns" was chosen because it evokes a vision of the width and breath of God's church - literally from the "African plains" to the "Amazon rains." The proclamation of Revelation 13:7 comes forth - Christ is given authority over every tribe, tongue and nation - and they choose to praise him.

The genesis of this song possibly comes from former newsboys frontman Peter Furler's experiences attending Bethel Chapel in Nashville - a large, multi-cultural congregation. At a place like that, the variety of worship styles abounds. But, they end, we are all "God's children." Furler said on New Song Cafe that he felt the song is one of the most powerful he's ever written.

The song, co-written by Furler and Steve Taylor, was originally released on the 2003 studio album Adoration: The Worship Album, This was guitarists Jody Davis' last recording with the band (although he has recently announced his return) and his staccatto playing gives the tune it's signature sound. Furler's gentle vocals at the beginning of the song are wonderfully offset by the choral ending, complete with the counterpointed tag "It's every tribe, every tongue, every nation... hallelujah, hallelujah!" The song hit #4 on Billboard's Hot Christian and #6 on the Hot Christian Adult Contemporary charts.

If you can remember F-C-G, you can play this tune. (OK, you have to remember C-F-G in the bridge, but, c'mon!) Do a little palm-mute in the verses and let 'er rip in the choruses and you're all set.


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