Sunday Setlist - April 19

Here is the setlist from Gospel Light Community Church in Bridgeport, Ct.


Only By Grace (Gustafson)(C)

Main Set:

How Great is Our God (Tomlin)(C)
Beautiful One (Hughes)(G)
We Cry Out (Johnson)(C#)
Your Grace Is Enough (Tomlin)(G)
Heart of Worship (Redman)(G)

We pulled "Only By Grace" out of the way-back bin for this week. We did it with a little more pep than usual, given its place in the set, but there was a lot of "comfort factor" with that song from the congregation, especially those who've been around for more than a few years. I continue to heart "We Cry Out." Not only is it a great worship song, but it plays to the inner rocker in me. I get to turn up loud, dial in some distortion and get to it. I tend to play arpeggios in the verses, and strum the chords. Aquim played drums today, and really went to the max on this tune. Our senior pastor really likes this song, and it continues to move the congregation.

I thought we could have done better with "Your Grace is Enough." It was odd, because usually that is one of our better songs. Maybe it was having Aquim play. Not that he's bad at all, but his style is very different from Elyano's, so that may have been why it felt a bit off to me. Maybe I was the only one who noticed.

We made up for it with "Heart of Worship." We did the first verse mainly acoustic, and I played it different than usual. Usually I pick arpeggios lightly. Today I strummed, with heavy accents on the downbeats to match the drums. It gave the song a much different flavor and sound, I thought. Another classic that resonates well with the congregation.

Church was surprisingly crowded, given it was the week after Easter, a gorgeous day, and the end of school vacations. We had a baby dedication, so we had several guests. But it was glorious walking out into seventy-degree sunny weather for the first time in months.

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  1. I really really want to intro "we cry out"- it's such a great song. I "heart" it as well! :)
    I don't know if I could play it in C# (being a keys man) but hey! who knows
    great set list!

  2. I agree love, love, love "We cry out"!

  3. Our attendance was way down from last week. Who knows why? Sounds like you guys had a great time. Thanks for sharing with us.


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