Things Than Make You Go "Hmmm"

There's some really good stuff flying through the pipes and tubes of the interwebs lately. So I thought I'd give you a sampling of some stuff that helps steer the mighty ship that is my mind. (Yeah, right!)

The Light Washed Path - "Whatever Happened to Self-Control"

The LWP is a blog written by Pastor Nick Champlin of Faith Christian Church in Clearwater, Florida. Pastor Nick generally pulls no punches as he brings biblical truths into focus. Sometimes, I read what Pastor Nick writes and have to say "Oh, snap!" (Plus, he is a seriously mean guitar player!)

Today he writes "The reluctance to set a standard and [e]nforce it with teaching has resulted in more and more Christians believing that if God wants them to stop any practice He’ll deal with them and 'take it away' from them." Oh, snap! Read the whole post here.

Stephen Brewster - "Finding the Finish Line"

Stephen works in the Christian music industry - and has a great talent for coming up with encouraging nuggets. Today he wrote on his blog: "Unfortunately, some people see mile markers as finish lines. As they pass a marker, they slow down. They stop working as hard. They think they have lost, or worse that they have won, yet there is still so much in front of them. Some people pass a mile marker and they quit. "

I think this is all too true. Read the rest of Stephen's post and some comments here.

Fred McKinnon - "What I Learned on the Mountain, Pt 1."

Fred is the Worship Arts Pastor at St. Simon's Community Church in Georgia. He really has a heart for networking worship leaders and building relationships. This post on his blog, however, was so insightful and introspective - yet profound for everyone. He writes: "How often do we get SO FOCUSED and SO FIXED on our destinations and goals that we miss what’s happening around us? In an age where we boast “being releveant” in our churches, ministries, and lives, do we stop long enough to discover what “relevant” really is?"

Check out what else his mountaintop experience taught him.

Russ Hutto - "Carving out Creativity"

Russ is another worship leader, from House of Joy in Valdosta, Georgia. He is an avid blogger and songwriter.

Sometimes I struggle with creativity. I search for the muses and they're just not there. Russ wrote a great post the other day that might help me. : "This year I’ve written more music than in any other period of my life. It’s not because I’ve become more creative, it’s because I’ve channeled my creativity into a disciplined approach at writing songs. One per week."

See what else Russ is doing to push his creativity.

Mike Mahoney - "Easter Roots"

Unashamed Self-Promotion Alert!

Seriously, though, there is a bunch of great stuff at The Worship Community. I wrote this commentary for them about taking advantage of this time - Easter - to relflect on the awe and majesty of God. "We’ve crafted out a familiar God, a “Jesus is my friend” kind of a God, and that’s okay. But God should also inspire a sense of “awestruck” in us, and sadly, that’s something that can be missing from many modern worship services, even on that holiest of holidays, Easter."

There's more - read it here.

If there's anything that you've read lately (or written) that makes you go "Oh, snap!" then link to it in the comments section.


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