Travelling Thoughts

I just got back from basically two weeks of being out of the office and out of the house, give or take a day or three. So for this Friday, here's some random takes on the matter.

  • Travelling with family is far better than travelling alone. Even with all the arguments, frustrations and cramps associated with moving a large group of related people over long distances by car, it is clearly the best way to travel. Long live the Griswalds!

  • I have grown completely bored with air travel. This is largely because it sucks. The entire process is mind-numbing at its best, thouroughly frustrating at its worst.

  • Why is it suddenly okay to charge $8 for a sandwich that would cost you $5 dollars anywhere other than an airport? (Except, maybe, for a sports arena.)

  • Seriously, airline guys... No movie on a five-hour flight? No TV show? Not even the stupid sky radio? Somebody go out and buy a DVD, will ya? If you're not going to give me a power plug for my laptop, give me something!

  • Ah, Las Vegas. You'll not find a more wretched hive of scum and villany. Or is that Mos Eisley?

  • Seriously, though, Vegas has changed. A lot. More slots, less table games. Still ridiculously expensive. Some people should wear a lot more clothes than they do.

  • Casino guys.... a ten-dollar fee to take fifty bucks out of an ATM? Don't you want people to spend money?

  • Oh, yeah, airline guys... That thing you call a lunch for seven bucks? Um, no.

  • Attention all iPod users! Put the earbuds in your ears! I do not want to listen to the tinny version of whatever hip-hop junk you are listening to. You're probably the guy who keeps his stereo cranked to the max at the gas station, aren't you?

  • It is very easy in this age of instant information to fall completely out of the loop in a matter of a day or two.

  • Two hundred bucks a night for a hotel room, sixteen bucks for a hamburger, three dollars for a soda, people losing money in the casino... would it kill ya to throw in the wi-fi?

  • It seems strange to me to see a 9/11 memorial in Nevada. I am fully cognizant that this might be a New Yorker bias. And it was nicely done, and it was at the New York, New York hotel. It just seemed out of place to me.

  • The amount of time it takes to go from zero to missing my family is much shorter than it used to be.

That's it. Random thoughts from a random mind!


  1. Couldn't agree more on the boredom of air travel. They will start to figure that out soon I hope.


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