Album Review - Matt Maher: Alive Again - Joint Style

Over at The Joint, we reviewed Matt Maher's recent offering, Alive Again.

In short:

JOEL: It is a very interesting CD and will take some time to unpack and get used to. I love the writing on this CD, but I don’t think that every song on this CD was of equal caliber. I was also disappointed that there were no liturgical songs on here like previous CD’s. However the songs that stood out make this a worthwhile CD.

MIKE: Great songs, great music. Matt Maher fans will love it. I wish the mix was better.

ALASTAIR: If you are a Matt Maher fan you will probably love this album. There is some nice songs on here that will work well in any church setting. Some are suited more as special songs rather than congregational. “Alive Again” is an amazing track, I just wish it wasn’t so much better than the rest.

Come on over to The Joint and read the whole review!


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