Album Review - Matt Redman: We Shall Not Be Shaken - Joint Style

Matt Redman is on of the top worship leaders in the world today.  Chances are if you randomly picked ten tunes being sung in churches today, three or four would be written or co-written by him.  Matt Just released an album of twelve brand-new songs.  How does it stack up? See what The Joint says:

JOEL: A great CD. great worship with a few that will have to grow on you. The title track is brilliant!

CONNER: While I have the utmost respect for Matt, I basically slept through the first 4 songs. Then all of a sudden “The Glory of Our King” came on and the CD actually started for me! It was hilarious because when the CD started over, I liked them SO much more! I think. So, I believe that for fans of Matt Redman, you’ll like this CD because you’ve heard it before…but then there’s some real gems that surprise you!

I haven’t mentioned the lyrics because it’s Matt Redman. Hello! Great stuff here. As always it’s thoughtful and singable.

MIKE: Great songs, deep lyrics, outstanding production. If it had a serious rocked-out tune it would be perfect!

ALASTAIR: For me, this is the definition of a worship album.

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