Sunday Setlist - October 24

So let me tell you about my weekend...  

First off, it wasn't a normal weekend by any stretch.  I started off Friday night teaching and helping lead worship at Gospel Light's Men's Encounter.  We did a short set:  Again I Say Rejoice (Houghton)(E), Finding Who We Are (Shamburger)(G), Draw Me Close (Carpenter)(G), Give Us Clean Hands (Hall)(G).  I also gave the message that night, teaching on the early life of Jacob, which played right off the Charlie Hall song.

Saturday, my wife Jill and I jumped in the car and headed up to Middletown, Rhode Island, stopping to pick up our daughter at URI.  Why?   Glad you asked.  We were treated to a wonderful evening at Lifepath Church, home of my Joint Review mate Joel Klampert.  Lifepath was hosting a concert by the legendary Bill Mallonee.   Bill and his wife Mariah Rose Muriah Rose gave us a wonderful, intimate performance, full of captivating stories and amazing guitar work.  If you don't know Bill's work, or the Vigilantes of Love, then find him.  Now.  After the show, we went to dinner with Joel and his folks, and Bill and Mariah Muriah and had some great fellowship and food.

Sunday morning I helped lead worship at Lifepath with Joel.  Here's our setlist:

Be Thou My Vision (Traditional)(D)

Main Set:

Glory to God Forever (Fee/Beeching)(G)
The Lord Reigns (Keuhn)(G)
The Solid Rock (Mote/Bradbury)(D)
Where You Go I Go (Johnson/Mohr)(Bm)


This is the Gift of God (Able/Cartee)(E)


Your Name (Baloche/Packiam)(G)
Say So (Houghton/Gungor)(G)

Yes, they do that much music at Lightpath.  There may have been another song, actually - I'm doing this from memory.  I got to play Joel's Les Paul, which was sweet, although there were volume issues on the last song.  Other than that glitch, it was a great weekend.  So here's a plan for you for next summer: take a vacation to beautiful Newport, and visit Lightpath.

This will be part of Fred McKinnon's setlist carnival.

I found out today that I had spelled Muriah Rose's name wrong.  Apologies to a talented and gracious lady.


  1. Too cool- Love Say So... need to intro that one to our group!

    as well as Where you go I Go! powerful stuff

  2. I bet Say So was a lot of fun!

    Lots of churches singing Glory To God Forever this weekend...hmmmm....

  3. We tried Finding Who We Are recently and it just didn't work for us...


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