Sunday Setlist - October 11

Here's this week's setlist from Gospel Light Community Church.   Details after the list.


Finding Who We Are (Shamberger)(G)

Main Set:

One Way (Houston/Douglass)(B)
All About You (Cruse-Ratcliff/Houghton)(E)
He Reigns (Furler/Taylor)(C)
From the Inside Out/How Great is Our God  (Houston/Tomlin?Reeves/Cash)(C)


Jehovah Jirah (Watson)(Em)
Blow the Trumpet (Tendrup)(Dm)

It was a very special day for us today at Gospel Light.  Let's start with the worship set.  It was, in a word: great!   Everything sounded perfect today, with Nick and Aquim running sound.  They really worked hard at it and did a great job. 

Daniel was home from school for the weekend (more on that later) and stepped in for Justin on piano.  Everything just seemed to go really well.  We did a medley of "From the Inside Out" and "How Great is Our God."   After ending "...Inside Out," we went right into the chorus of "How Great."  It sounded awesome!!  Then the singers did a really nice three-part harmony on the bridge while Josh vamped over it.  Finally, when the song ended, we cut back to the chorus of "Inside Out," (Everlasting...) at first with just acoustic, then building.  Finally, we just held that final G note, starting with just the acoustic stumming, then with everything coming in, building to a crescendo while everyone was worshipping.  All I can say is... wow!

We had a baby dedication as well; Josh and Lauren's son Caleb.  His grandfather is Pastor Miller, our founding pastor, who gave the message.  And Daniel did a song of his own creation, which was incredible.  It basically tells the story of the biblical Caleb, using that story to inspire and encourage his baby nephew.  It was a touching, wonderful moment.  Since Blogger is pretty dopey when it comes to embedding music, you can hear it here.   Take a few minutes and give a listen.

This is part of Fred McKinnon's Setist carnival.


  1. Great medley and nice setlist too!


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