From the Studio - Take 20

I love progress.  Last night, we had tons of progress.  

As I mentioned last Friday, we were hoping to start vocals this week.  But before we could do that, there was some music left to do.  I specifically did not track any guitar last week, because I wanted to let the other guys finish their stuff.

This session began with guitar.  I added acoustic to "He Reigns," and then retracked the electric part to the same song.  Once that was done, I did electric on "From the Inside Out" and "Calvary," and then another electric track on "Mighty to Save." 

So...   we are finally finished with the music.  At least mostly - there will undoubtedly be some redos and fills during mixing, but the bulk of it is done. 

On to vocals.  We had decided to record only the guys this week, so Josh, Justin and Elyano warmed up the ol' vocal chords and got down to work.  First up: "Say So."  Justin is singing lead on this one, did a great job.  We also had all three guys do their choruses.  Then we moved on to "Tell the World" and the guys finished up their parts there as well.   Outstanding job by the guys!! 

Next week we'll continue with the guys' parts, and maybe get some of the girls involved.

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