From the Studio - Take 19

We had some ambitous goals for this weeks studio session.  Here's the email I sent out on Wednesday:

Michael Mahoney October 7 at 1:43pm

What needs to get done?
Guitar and piano on "We Prepare the Way" and "From the Inside Out"
Piano on "Your Love is Deep" "He Reigns" "From the Inside Out" "Draw Me Close" "You Said"
Retrack electric on "Mighty to Save" and "He Reigns"
Retrack Bass on something... Danny knows.
Record everything on "Calvary"

That's a lot of stuff.   How'd we fare?   Not to bad.   I intentionally set the goal high so that we would keep pressing onwards, and everyone would come focused.  Justin did just that, and did a great job.   We got the piano parts done on everything - seven songs! I was happy with just that. 

But we also recorded piano, bass and drums on "Calvary," which is the additional song I mentioned last week.  This is an original, written by Justin, and it's going to sound great. And we got done acoustic on "We Prepare the Way" and "From the Inside Out." 

We're still hoping to start vocals next week.  The singers are going to start rehearsals this week, and then we have to have a planning session on Sunday to figure out the order. One key to the success we've been having getting things done this time around is to have a focused plan every time we walk into the studio. 

In other news, we've made some changes to our Facebook Page.  First thing was that we now have a custom URL:
Secondly, we added an iLike music page.  For those of you who have not signed up as fans, you'll go right there.  Fans will always land on the Wall page, so just click the music tab at the top.  Check out the instrumental clips we've posted, and let us know what you think so far!


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