If I Could...

I'd love to invent an instrument.   A musical instrument, of course.

Imagine coming up with something no one else has.  And of course, you'd be the best in the world at playing it.

This strange-yet-gorgeous thing pictured to your right is the Eigenharp Alpha. This marvel has got 120 high-resolution programmable keys, 12 percussion keys, 2 strip controllers, a bunch of pedal inputs and a windpipe.  It comes with custom-written software and a USB interface.  It can record and play loops, transpose, change scales, and alter tempos, beats and voicings, all while playing live.  Wow.

For those who don't have the quid to pony up the £4k to buy this work of art (that's over six grand to us Yanks),  there's it's baby brother, the Pico, coming in at a paltry £349.

Below is some James Bond-style hotness courtesy of a couple of guys playing Alphas.   Hang on to the 1 minute mark - you won't be sorry.


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