And Now For Something Totally Different

Let it never be said I'm not cultured.  Just because I love pounding drums, overdriven guitars and a serious bassline does not mean I cannot appriciate the finer things in life. 

I've long been a fan of The Irish Tenors (who are only Finbar Wright, Anthony Kearns and Ronan Tynan!) and have wondered what would happen if that magical sound would be applied to sacred music.  Guess what?  Along comes "The Priests."

The Priests are literally that: three working Catholic parish priests, all from Northern Ireland.  Their debut album was released in Ireland a year ago, and has become the fastest-selling classical album debut in U.K. history.  In November, they are scheduled to release their sophomore album, entitled Harmony.  I hope to be able to review the album when it arrives, because the songs I've heard are amazing.

Now, I know that classical, sacred music is not to everyone's taste, but would it really kill you to broaden your horizons a bit? 

While considering that, take a listen to this. 


  1. I love learning new things about people, and never would have picked you would be a fan Mikey :)

    When my wife and I move to N Ireland early next year, I have a feeling my current like for them may turn into "aaagghhhh - get this away from me" because they are at saturation point.

    But I'm hoping that doesn't happen. Meanwhile, I'm praying for Brian Kennedy - currently the best Irish folk singer IMO - and his salvation, cos I want him to sing sacred music. That would be heavenly.

  2. At least we'll be sharing seasons next year!!

    Personally, I'd love to hear the Saw Doctors rockin' some worship! (Only the best Irish band ever!)

  3. HI!!!!!!

    Just wanted you to know I stopped by. :)

    I really like the layout here.


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