From the Studio - Take 21

I just got done doing some scratch mixes from last night's recording session.  I have one word - amazing.  The album is really starting to come together with the addition of vocals. 

Last night we finished up all the choruses for the guys in addition to some verses.  We began with our one original song, which is called "Calvary."  It was written by our very own Justin, and he began the session by tracking his vocals. The song is a duet, so in a couple of weeks we'll add the female vocals, but it sounds great now. 

The next step was vocals on "One Way."  That went very smoothly. "Mighty to Save" was another story.  That song has been a challenge for us since day one, mainly because there are so many parts to it.  It took a few takes, but we got a lot done on it.  It's going to be a duet, with a lot of dynamics and a big finish.  Finally, we got to "He Reigns" and knocked that out.  I just finished the scratch mix of that and it sounds great!!

So things are still on track.  We have maybe one more week of male vocals.  We have vocals on ten out of eleven songs now, and there's enough to start thinking about the final mixdown, listening for anything that needs fixing, and getting ready for mastering. 

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