Album Review - Phil Wickham - Singalong

Last year I was volunteering at a Rock the Sound gig in Manhattan, part of the Remedy Club Edition tour with the David Crowder Band. Opening for DC*B was a guy I'd honestly never heard of, Phil Wickham.

After listening to Crowder's soundcheck (We Won't Be Quiet - yeah!) and being pumped up for the main event, I was somewhat ignorant of this San Diego native. I was also working at the RTS info table, which was in the rear of the old Hammerstein Ballroom, blocked from the main theater by a heavy curtain.

When Phil came out, I was curious about this guy and his acoustic guitar. Where was the band? I went back to what I was doing. Until he started singing. Believe me, this guy can bring it.

Singalong is Phil's latest effort, recorded live at Solid Rock Church in Portland, Oregon. While the record is ostensibly Phil and his guitar, he benefits from 3000 backup singers, who do a very credible job with his songs, and some oldies-but-goodies classic hymns. Three thousand people singing "How Great Thou Art" can bring a tear to anyone's eye.

The record goes from soaring moments of the crowd belting out some of Phil's better songs like "Cannons" and "I Adore You" to gentle segues into the hymns, making the whole thing feel odly intimate.

The best part about this record? Can you say "one hundred percent off?" Yes, Phil is offering this worship experience for the low, low price of a valid email address. Sign up at his website, and download the record, gratis.

Phil is a touring machine, apparently, so check out his tour schedule and try to catch him.

Here is one of the videos from the live recording.


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