Sunday Setlist - November 23

Another worship set, part of the weekly collection of setlists from churches all over, hosted at Fred McKinnon's blog.

This week's set:

We Cry Out (Johnson)

Main Set:

Tell the World (Douglass/Houston/Sampson)
Again I Say Rejoice (Houghton,Lindsey)
We Cry Out (Johnson)
Your Love is Deep (Bussey/Collins/Smith)
Awesome God - Chorus (Mullins)

"We Cry Out." Wow... Rarely has a new song hit the congregation so quickly. We did this as the pre-service song, and by the time we were ready to end, there were literally people on their knees in the aisles. Before the service! It was incredible.

"Tell the World" continues to be a good choice, especially backed up by a familiar New Breed song. We did "Your Love..." very mellow in the verses, just some light picking on the acoustic and some cymbal work and rimshots. Some nice dynamics coming into the chorus with full strums and snare. Why don't we do this song more often? (I will actually probably go on the CD.)

After that, Justin was just playing the chorus from "Awesome God" on the piano, and Josh encouraged the congregation to start singing without us leading. We must've done twenty repititions of the chorus.

The pastor asked us to do "We Cry Out" a third time after the message. I guess he liked it, too.

What did you do?


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