Blackouts, CDs and Airplanes.

This Wednesday post will be a veritable cornucopia of midweek reportedness.

To begin with, last night the power went off about 9:45 or so. Fortunately, Jill is a consultant for Partylite Candles (anyone need a great Christmas gift?) so light was not an issue. Heat was, though. Temperatures were down in the 20's and there were strong winds blowing (which likely contributed to the outage in the first place) all over. The temp in the house dropped a bit, but not too bad at first. I couldn't really sleep, so I was sitting up reading an ebook on my handheld.

When I called the power company, the automated service said the power should be back on by 2:45am. I finally went to bed around 12:30. At 12:45, I heard my cell phone beep, then the furnace kick on, so I knew power was back. Kudos to the linemen. It must've been freezing out there.

This afternoon I'm jumping on a plane and heading to beautiful downtown Auburn Hills, Michigan for a one-day meeting. Fortunately, the flight to Detroit Metro is fairly short, and I can fly out of Hartford and avoid LaGuardia. I've never been to Michigan, and I doubt I'll get to see much. I'll probably hit the hotel about ten, and then breakneck speeds back to the airport tomorrow evening to catch my flight back. Ah... business travel.

We've got an update of sorts for the album project. We've decided that the recording will have a theme, and that theme will be evangelism. The way we see it, there are two aspects to that: a call for the church to proclaim the Gospel, and a call for the lost to seek after God. We will be selecting songs that fit one of these two bills to some extent. Some possibles:
  • Tell the World
  • Might to Save
  • You Said
  • One Way
  • Say So

There are a bunch more, but I can't remember them now. The other update is on the financing side. We are going to try to kickstart the project by taking pre-orders for the CD at a discount. We got some interest Sunday, so we will start that this week. if anyone is intersted, let me know, but I'll be posting more later.

See ya in Detroit.


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