Song of the Week - So Come - Israel and New Breed

Nestled quietly between the opening intro of A Deeper Level and the powerful "Prayer of the Righteous" is this cover of Kevin Prosch's "So Come." The song was originally written in 1991, and was first released on Prosch's seminal live worship recording Even So Come which was recorded live at the Anahiem Vineyard. Even now, seventeen years later, Even So Come is the standard to which many live worship recordings aspire.

New Breed's version of this classic seems - to those unfamiliar with Prosch - to be a simple rambling, ad-libbed moment of worship before getting into the meat of the song. This is something, after all, that Israel Houghton does well. So well does this song fit between the intro and "Prayer..." that the three should almost be played as one track. (Actually, "Prayer..." blends right into the entergetic "Say So" in such a way that the four songs should always be played together, harkening back to the good old days of "album" rock.

The song weaves various images from scripture into one single narrative about the impending return of the Lord. Verses from Isaiah ( for ashes...), Amos (Behold the days are coming... when the plowman shall overtake the reaper), Revelation (...the Spirit and the bride to say; ...and the thirsty you've invited to come to the waters) and more are put together to draw the listener to a place of worship.

The song was originally recorded in the key of G, but Israel starts it in C. Its' a simple song, and New Breed basically does it simply on piano, with some violin filling. I really love the end of the second verse.

So just sit back, close your eyes and listen...


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