Saturday Silliness - Hallelujah and more

Some weekends are just too busy. But in a good way.

Last night was Hallelujah Night at GLCC. That's our alternative to Halloween. It was seriously the best one ever, with a lot of new kids. We had games, a skit, a song performance from the children's cells, face painting, cotton candy, prizes and tons of candy.

One thing we did new was have a hospitality for the parents. While the children's network took over the church building, we set up the Kidzport for parents. With our senior pastor and his wife hosting, there was some good fun had there, and from what I hear, a mean Sequence tournament.

You can read more about it and get a link to the photo album here.

And now for the silliness: You can thank Joel Klampert for this gem....


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