Sunday Setlist - November 9

What a great service we had today. It was an odd weekend, because our Women's Network is having an encounter, so many of the women were not there. Still we managed to raise the roof a bit.

Here's the setlist:

Opening -

Welcome Into This Place (Juarez)


You Are My World (Sampson)

From the Inside Out (Houston)

Hosanna (Fraser)

One Way (Houston/Douglass)

Tell the World (Houston/Douglass/Sampson)

Ok, so it was apparently Hillsong Week at Gospel Light. Fair enough. We switched things up this week, moving from slower songs to fast, ending on the rocker "Tell the World." This was our second week doing the song. We boosted the vocals a bit, and it came out better. (I think so - see what you think below.)

We nailed "Hosanna" pretty good this week, too. I'm usually not that happy with it, but I thought it came out pretty good. Even with a smaller crowd than normal, everyone really seemed to be enjoying worship today. I saw a lot of the normally more reserved men jumping and raising hands.

"You Are My World" is one of my favorite worship songs. Justin did so well on it today, playing some really nice fills and melody work on keys, which perfectly accompanied the droning rhythm of the acoustic. I like to play the D and the G on the bottom strings, and keep them droning throughout the verses, which gives the song a nice mood. "From the Inside Out" is another of my favorite worship songs, so I loved that part of the set.

This is part of Fred McKinnon's Sunday Setlist collabaration. Check what others are doing.

Someone (ok, it was Meghann) shot some video of "Tell the World." Whatddya think?


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