Sunday Setlist - November 16

This is another entry in the Sunday Setlist carnival over at Fred McKinnon's blog. Go over there and check out some other setlists.

We did a slightly shorter worship this week, due to a lot of things being on the schedule. Here's the list:


More Precious than Silver (DeShazo)

Main Set:

Arise, Praise His Name (White)
Open the Eyes of My Heart (Baloche)
He Reigns (Furler/Taylor)
You Said (Morgan)

It wasn't really planned that way, but the songs in the main set all seemed to have the theme of proclaiming God. "He Reigns" was taken out when we had to shorten the set, but then added back in because several of us had been to see the Newsboys on Saturday night, and we felt like doing one of their tunes.

We changed the key of "You Said" at during rehearsal as well, as for some reason the singers seemed to be struggling with the usual C. We did it in A, and it sounded good, and plenty approachable. I think I personally prefer it in C, but this worked well.

What did you do?


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