My Geek Code

Let's face it, if you're reading this blog, you are at least a partial geek. Maybe you're streaming episodes of B5 off Hulu, or maybe you have no idea what I just said. Maybe you can code Perl scripts in your sleep, or maybe the clock on your PC is wrong. (You just looked, didn't you?)

The Geek Code was invented in 1993 by Robert Hayden to have a way for geeks to inform other geeks of their geekiness at a glance. Today it's just a way to have some fun.

Here's my Geek Code, using the Geek Code Generator. Go get yours. So say we all!

GB/MU d- s+:+ a+ C++>$ UL P L+ !E-- W++ N- o- K- w+ O- M- V- PS-- PE+ Y-- PGP- t++ 5++ X- R tv++ b+>$ DI++ D-- G e++>$ h---- r+++ z++++


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