We're Gonna Do It

I believe this time we're gonna really do it.

For over a year, we've had a vision of recording a worship CD. We've gone through many different ideas and concepts, and last year even went as far as recording some tracks live to let people listen to, and ask "Would you buy a CD of this stuff?" The results were a pretty solid "Yes, when's it coming out?" Josh, our worship leader, is being asked often when the CD is coming out, and told us he's getting tired of not having an answer.

Our youth pastor (and drummer) has a college buddy who owns a recording studio right here in the city, so we know where we're going. We've committed to starting this deal in January, once the holiday madness and the Youth Encounter is over. In the meantime, we're going to need to figure out what songs we want to do.

What I'm thinking of doing is putting up some clips of the live cuts and seeing what people think are strong songs for us. That will be coming in the next few weeks. Once we get the songs selected, then we can get the licences and work on the arrangements. Our plan is to spend the next few months working out the songs and rehearsing, so that come January, we can just hit the studio and lay it down. We're hoping to "git 'r done" in two days - one for musicians and one for singers. Figure a third day for overdubs. After that, of course, comes the mix time. I don't know how realistic that is, but that's the early plan for 7-10 songs. Truthfully, we'd like get the whole thing in for under twenty hours, including mix.

I'll keep updating on the project here as we go. If anyone has any insights, comment away. All help gratefully accepted!


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