Sunday Setlist - October 19

Here is our weekly installment of the Sunday Setlist carnival, hosted at Fred McKinnon's blog.

This week at Gospel Light Community Church:

Welcome into This Place (Juarez)


When God's People Praise the Lord (unknown)
History Maker (Smith)
Above All (LaBlanc/Baloche)
Light the Fire Again (Doerksen)
How Great is Our God (Tomlin)

Today was a strange day for the setlist. There was a lot of moving and switching, even during the set. We were supposed to formally to "Welcome..." but wound up just vamping it, and then the pastor came to the podium and started the service before we actually started singing it. Oh, well. "Montana" is a song by Salvador, with a nice ranchero vibe to it. We do it in English and Spanish, along with "When God's People..." I think that's a Gospel Light original. No one remembers who wrote it, but we've been singing it forever. Both songs have the same kind of groove to them.

Go figure, I broke a string on the acoustic during "History Maker," so it was electric all the way after that. It actually turned out pretty good - I did a lot of delay for "History Maker" and "Above All." Gave them a nice, rich vibe. After "Light the Fire..." the whole place was really in a great moment of worship, so we just kept vamping. I had the Bad Monkey on with a lot of gain, and the modeler with chorus and delay, and I was the only one playing, so I switched up to the bridge pickup and there was this echo-y, moody air about the place. For some reason, I was playing the opening chords to "Open the Eyes of My Heart" - just the E-B-A-E, just nice and slow. Strum, pick. That went on for a bit, then I just stopped and was picking some random chords. Josh started singing the chorus to "How Great..." and the rest of the band came in, and it was good! By the time we finished, we had built it up to full volume plus, and everyone had their hands up and it was just a great moment of worship.

That song wasn't on the setlist, but the Holy Spirit was large and in charge today. How great is our God!


  1. I love when God takes over the worship set list...

  2. I'm striving for more spontaneity in our sets. Sounds great.


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