Song of the Week - Tell the World

There are a lot of songs with the title "Tell the World," so this focuses on the Hillsong one. OK, there are two Hillsong songs called "Tell the World" (so much for title originality) so this is the one written by Joel Houston (who else?), Jonathan Douglass and Marty Sampson.

Originally released on Hillsong United's Look to You album in 2004, the song got a serious face lift on The I Heart Revolution: With Hearts as One, released earlier this year. Sampson has written or co-written many Hillsong songs, such as "Came to My Rescue" and "Savior King." Douglass, or "JD," is responsible for songs like "One Way" and "My Future Decided," while Joel Houston has written every other Hillsong tune. OK, maybe not, but sometimes it seems that way.

The song is best when the energy is high. It has been done as the final song at a lot of Hillsong United shows, and fits in perfectly in that role, when the crowd is in a worship frenzy. As a stadium anthem, it rivals "One Way" for pure energy and thunder.

Don't want to stand here and shout Your praise

And walk away and forget Your name ..

How often do we do that? How many people will shout and cry out to God in worship service, then forget about it before they hit the parking lot? I really like the way this song is broken into distinct parts. The driving verses are offset by the prechorus"

And all I want in this lifetime is You

And all I want in this whole world is you, you, you!

Which leads into a resounding chorus:

Tell the world that Jesus lives

Tell the world that, tell the world that.

Tell the world that he died for them

Tell the world that he lives again

This is the kind of chorus you want to raise your fist at, shout out, jump up and down to. The bridge might have been written by JD, because it contains the same dynamic as "One Way." This is a perfect song for congregational singing, for youth or kids (in fact, Hillsong Kids released and album called Tell the World in 2007) or just blasting in the car.

So, go tell the world!


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