Sunday Setlist - October 12

Today was a very special worship service. We had some "guests" in today to join the worship team. Specifically, we has some youth from Zion Bible College who came and played with us. We had a great time with Daniel and Aquim (who are Gospel Light members) and their friend Matt. These guys play at Zion, and do or have played on their travelling worship teams.

Having these guys there today meant that we could switch things up a bit. Justin came out and led worship, and Danny let Matt play bass while he played acoustic guitar, which freed me up to just play electric. Having both guitars was great, as I didn't have to play rhythm, and could focus on the lead lines. Daniel is very versitile on the piano, and Aquim and Matt brought some serious bottom end to the set.

Here's the setlist:


My Savior, My God (Schust/Greenwell)


Blessed Be Your Name (Redman)
Beautiful One (Hughes)
Better is One Day (Redman)
More Love, More Power (Del Hiero)
Draw Me Close (Carpenter)

We did "Blessed..." a completely different way, starting with just kick drums and high hats, and then moving into single chords, then building each piece. "More Love..." came out really good as well. I was doing arpeggios with a lot of overdrive and delay, giving it a thick, heavy sound. That song seemed to go on for quite a while. Celia did a phenominal job on "Draw Me Close," singing the verses solo, and giving more power to the chorus when everyone came in.

What's nice about having the extra instrument is being able to pick when to play and when not to play. It brings a lot of good dynamics to the songs. The congregation responded well today, especially in the last two songs.

I don't usually include our offering songs, but I have to today. We did "Mourning into Dancing" (Walker) for the first offering. Justin and Daniel started it off with this cool gospel thing - Justin was bringing some Alvin Slaughter to the table. That segued into a more conventional arrangement. I love watching people dance around the church while the plate is going around!

This is part of Fred McKinnons Sunday Setlist carnival, as usual.


  1. Draw Me Close is still one of my all-time faves!

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon


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