Sunday Setlist October 5

Here's week 11 in the Sunday Setlist group, hosted at Fred McKinnon's blog. We had a great worship service today. Someone had told me Saturday night that they hoped worship this week was going to be uplifting, because they needed a pick-me-up. Knowing the setlist, I told them not to worry.

O Praise Him (All This For a King) (Crowder)


Again I Say Rejoice (I.Houston/Lindsey)
Say So (I.Houston/Gungor)
O Praise Him (Crowder)
All Who Are Thirsty (Brown/Robertson)
From the Inside Out (J. Houston)

"O Praise Him" was the new song this week. We had some real challenges in it, mainly in the timing and getting through the various sections in order. It was tough for our lead singer, but he did a great job. We had thought about skipping the "La, la's" to make it more, I don't know... worshipful... but left them in, and I'm glad we did. A lot of our youth knew the song, and that helped encourage the non-David Crowder Band folks to sing along. All-in-all, it was a good choice, and went over pretty well, and people were signing loudly by the second time.

We started "Again I Say Rejoice" a capella in the chorus, then came in hard into the first verse. Everyone loves this song, so it really kicks the service off nicely. Our senior pastor is especially fond of "Say So" - so that was good to come into right from "Again..."

We did "All Who Are Thirsty" a little stronger than usual... not quite Kutlass-like, but good and loud for people to sing along. After we ended the song, we picked it back up at the " deep cries..." lyric, slowly this time, and let the congregation just keep repeating the chorus. It was here that a word came from our pastor... it was a great moment.

I kept with the acoustic for "...Inside Out," skipping the lead line and just playing rhythm, letting Justin have a little more freedom on the keys. Ususally we do it the other way around, and this was a nice change. It's cool to switch things up once in a while - keeps the songs fresh for the congregation as well as us musicians.

I look forward to seeing what everyone else did.


  1. I really miss "All Who Are Thirsty". I going to go listen to it as soon as I finish this comment.

  2. Hey man, that does sound uplifting! I can see the kids carrying the "la's" in O Praise Him. "All Who Are Thirsty' ... I'll have to take your word on doing it "up" ... anything more than laid back, acoustic driven, "flow" is hard to imagine for me - I could lay back in that song for hours!

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  3. Cool setlist. We might have to try rockin' up All who are thirty.


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