Saturday "Religulous" Ramblings

It's October already, and with that we enter the busy season at the Gospel Light children's ministry. Halleluja night in October, rehearsals for the Christmas Cantata, a talent show, an Encounter, the Cantata itself. This time of year goes so fast.

I wrote about a couple of films this week, and there is another one coming out worth mentioning: Bill Maher's Religulous.

What did he say? That, that... trash film?

Yup, that's what I said.

I would not discount this movie right off. The typical Christian reaction to a film like this is "Boycott!" I'm sure the Vatican has Maher's picture up on the dartboard. Evangelicals have will be beside themselves. But I agree with Jeremy over at milestoneworship: There's more to consider here.

If we are supposed to "make disciples off all nations" (I'm sure I read that somewhere) then Bill Maher is the kind of guy we need to be talking to. He clearly needs Christ, he is willing to at least dialogue about spirituality, and he is keenly observant. If a guy like Maher looks at the church and sees what's in this film, then so some of the other people we are trying to reach. We keep talking about "meeting people where they are." We have outreaches and street meetings to "meet people where they are."

Guess what? This is where they are. This is how unchurched people look at us church folk. We need to know that. One clip has Maher asking a guy (dressed like Jesus - I don't know why) why hasn't God simply smited Satan out of existence and eradicated evil. Jesus-dude responds "He will." to which Maher asks "He will? What's he waiting for?"

You know what? That's a valid question. That's exactly the kind of question someone might ask you!

I remember the first time I walked into a pentecostal church. I had grown up a conservative Catholic. "Charismatic" was something a game-show host was. I thought I was in an insane asylum the first time I saw someone speak in tongues. Of course, now it makes sense to me. I understand it. Pastor Nick Champlin, who's wisdom I respect tremendously, has said often that we look at the world through our own windows. Isn't it important once in a while to look through someone else's window at our own house?

I'm not saying "Go see the movie." Make your own choice. But... don't dismiss it out of hand. The life you save may not be your own.

The Veep

I don't think I've ever made a political comment on this blog, but after watching the Vice Presidential debate, I think we need more people like Sarah Palin in national office. I cannot picture Joe Biden, Barak Obama, or John McCain for that matter, handing out juice boxes after a soccer game, or cleaning up after a church picnic. If we vote for people who think like us (and we should, right?) then I can see voting for her at some point. Of course, we do not vote for the Vice President. Whatever choice you make, make an informed one.


  1. If we want to make disciples of all men then we'd better consider what we bring them into. Take a step back and look at CMF as it's been the last few weeks.

  2. Great thoughts on the Bill Maher movie. I am very interested in seeing it.


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