True Worship

I could write paragraphs and pages expounding on true worship. Or I can just show you.

I was going to mark this as NSFW, because you might start crying at your desk, epecially between about 2:20 and 5:00.

True worship is about release. True worship is about surrender. True worship is freedom.


  1. Worth mentioning, the song used isn't important, as long as it's anointed for the singers. I've sung that over here, and while it profoundly affected the person who stared it (Barney Coombes) it didn't really take the people with it. However we should expect God to move on us like that at times, and while it's not always comfy, it is always good when He does.

  2. The song is incidental (although it has meaning for me, which is why I was watching the vid in the first place - more later.) What's important is the worship experience - in this case, one that affected everyone, band and audience alike. Thanks for the comments, Toni!


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