Album Review - Darrell Evans - Nothing Less Than Everything

"I'm trading my sorrows...
I'm trading my shame..."

Oh, sorry. You can't really talk about Darrell Evans without thinking of his mega-popular song "Trading My Sorrows." This was actually the first song I learned to play on guitar, and is usually the first one I teach others to play.
Sometimes, however, an artist can get too deep in the shadow of a popular song. So deep, that he might fade from view. How many know, I wonder, that Evans penned the Casting Crowns hit "Your Love is Extravagent?" Or the popular "Let the River Flow?"

Darrell's songwriting skill is evident on his newest release, Nothing Less Than Everything. This is a rambling, free-spirited journey of worship - which is exactly how worship should be in the first place. Not confined to stodgey structures and formulas, the songs on this album beg you to close your eyes and be transported - they flow as many people think and pray.

The opening tune is simply called "Worthy." The song draws you in with an great beat, and the buildup to the chorus seals the deal.

"Joy of the Lord" opens with a great riff that gets your head moving and your foot tapping. The song has a very U2-ish feel to it, as does a lot of the record. "Beautiful Savior" paints the picture of Jesus as just that - beautiful. There are so many ways to look at Him, but this song simply brings us to His feet.

I'm torn between "Joy of the Lord" and "Hide Away" for my favorite song on the record. "Hide Away" is a simple guitar ballad expressing a desire to simply spend time with the Lord. While the Chris Tomlin-esque vocals will be a stretch for a lot of people, this song, along with several others, are well suited lyrically for people to sing together.

All in all, Nothing Less Than Everything says one thing loud and clear - Darrell's back! We haven't heard from him since 2005's Uncharted Waters, but it was worth the wait.
All About Worship interviewed Darrell about his new record. You can listen to the podcast here.


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