Sunday Setlist - December 28th

I love it when things go better than expected.

So I was really happy with today's service, because things sounded pretty poor to me at rehersal. Maybe it was that I woke up a little stuffy, but nothing sounded in-tune to me, though the tuner said I was, and of course the piano was. Whatever it was cleared up by service, because it sounded fine then.

Our setlist:


Open the Eyes of My Heart (Baloche)

Main Set:

Cover the Earth (Houghton/Cruse-Ratcliff/Houghton)
Say So (Houghton/Gungor )
Tell the World (Douglass/Houston/Sampson)
History Maker (Smith)
Healer (Gugliemucci)
Revelation Song (Riddle)
Wrap Me in Your Arms (Grothe/Gungor)
Give to the Lord (Kenoly)

The first three songs kind of ran together. "Say So" came out really good today. We tend to struggle with it at times, but it's such a great song. Elyano did something new on the drum lift, doing rolls on the toms that really added something. (We're putting this song on the CD, so wev'e been playing with the arrangement.)

"Revelation Song" was unplanned; Justin just started singing it. Normally I play that on acoustic, but it was between two electric songs, so I just let it rip. Lots of overdrive in the chorus made it sound like a real stadium anthem. I got a comment (from one of the last people I would have thought) that the guitar sounded good today. Sweet!

"Healer" continues to be a great song for our congregation. Justin did well singing it , and Josh took a moment in the middle to encourage the congregation that it's not just about physical healing. "Nothing is impossible" indeed!

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