Busy, Busy, Busy

The week or so before Christmas is always a rough time around here. There is a ton of stuff going on, as usual. So the midweek report looks something like this :

  • I'm sick, and I rarely get sick. But I was on the phone last night with Pastor Miller, begging out of his pre-holiday leadership fellowship meeting, and he reminded me that I was sick the week before the Christmas Cantata last year. After we prayed together, I started thinking about that. Thinking back the last few years, the only times I've gotten really sick were before some spiritual event; an encounter, Rock the Sound, the cantata. Devil, you're a liar!

  • I finished up the visual elements for the cantata last night. This is the first year I'm doing more than a static display. We'll be using the big screen as part of the scene-changing, mood-setting thing during the drama, and I've put together a loop video to run during before the evenings starts, and during the fellowship afterward. Pictures from GLCCKidz and other church events throughout the year, interspersed with clips from previous cantatas.

  • We've got a tentative start date for the recording project - Jan 3. We want to get two sessions in before the Youth Encounter. We're going to start rehearsing specifically for the recording tomorrow. Pre-order pricing still in effect!

  • I'm pretty pumped for Saturday night. This is basically a new group of kids, who've never done anything like this before, but they are really doing well. Hope the weather holds!

Well, that's it in a nutshell. BTW, visit Drew's blog today. He's trying to outstat his wife, just once!


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