Moving Ahead

2009 is fraught with possibilities, and I am already looking forward to things that will be happening this upcoming year.

Children's Encounter - we are planning our second Encounter for our children's ministry. The first one - while a rousing success - was populated mostly with kinds who'd been in the church all their lives. This one will be largely new kids. Stay tuned....

Children's Revival. We are putting together a revival weekend focused for children for the beginning of the summer/end of spring time frame. GLCC has never done anything like this, although our youth revivals are one of the highlights of the year.

Worship Album. We are getting closer to this kicking off. I anticipate we will be in the studio in a week or two. This is kind of daunting for me, as apparently I will be the first one into the studio to lay the rhythm parts. I hadn't really thought about it, and haven't played to a click in years. (Yes, I know, I should practice to a click, but hey, I'm a drummer, too! I have an innate sense of timing!)

Church building expansion. Ok, that won't happen this year, but hopefully we can at least move forward significantly.

College. (OK, I'm not really looking forward to this.) Shannon will be graduating from high school in 2009, and entering the world of Higher Education. (and the world of Huge Tuition) She's already applied to one, and has her others in the pipeline. Yippie, I get to start filling out that emasculating document called the FAFSA next month.

There are others, but these are forefront in my mind today. What are you looking forward to?


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