I Cannot Believe

...it's only two days until Christmas.

Man, this year has gone by quickly. And it's been a tremendous year, I can tell you that, full of some very high highs and some very low lows. What a ride!

I just finished writing up the Cantata over at the Kidzport blog. Check that out if you have a moment. Yes, another year is almost in the hopper, and another Christmas Cantata has come and gone. It's hard to believe, really. This year was a particular challenge. To begin, I was quite sick most of the week. Friday night was scheduled for our big, full dress rehearsal. Not so much, it turned out, after a storm dumped six inches of snow on Bridgeport.

On Saturday, we moved rehearsals up to 3PM. Then the wheels really started coming off. Kids were sick. I had spent all week working on video elements for the production, but when I fired up the projector - no dice. Turns out the bulb was burnt out. And my laptop was giving me fits about starting. Thank God for Jill, who kept me on an even keel. Even when she told me that my daughter Shannon was at Home Depot with a flat tire twenty minutes before the evening was to start.

But everything went well (as it always does) and people were really touched and blessed, judging by those who went to the altar after Daniel's message.


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