GLCC's Got Talent!

Saturday night we held our second annual Talent Show fundraiser at Gospel Light. The show is a fundraiser for our building project, but it is really turned into one of the more popular events of the year.

The twenty-odd (and I do meand odd) acts that took the stage this year represented three generations and talents ranging from acting to comedy to singing to musicianship. What was amazign was that there were people coming up to sing that I had never heard sing before, and they were generally awesome! It is amazing the variety of talents that God has blessed our little congregation with. Now for some, I know that putting those performing arts on stage on a regular basis holds no appeal, and that's fine. I'm just glad that some of these folks got out under the lights for this event.
We had little kids singing songs. My daughter Cailynn, 7, did a song of her own composition about finding lost puppies and kittens. (I did help her with the arrangement - both chords.) I got to be her accompanist for her big performance. Meghann (12 ), on ther other hand, needed no help belting out "Wrong Again." Click the pics to biggificate.

Justin and I did a comedic take on Sonseed's viral hit, "Jesus is a Friend of Mine." You can see a clip of that down at the bottom of the post. We were backed by my wife and oldest daughter and Justin's sister. Third place!!! Boo-ya!

First place was taken by a pair of young sisters belting out :"Awesome God." Can't go wrong with that song, I suppose. More pictures are in the photo album.

This is the group that I thought should have won. They did a smokin' barbershop rendition of an old gospel classic.

Here's a clip of our Third Place Winning Sonseed Cover !


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