Respect Mah Consistansay!

"How can you tell a drummer is at the door?"

"The knocking keeps getting faster and faster!"

"What do you call a guy who hangs around and annoys musicians?"

"A drummer!"

During my tenure as the main drummer for Gospel Light Worship, you can bet I heard all the drummer jokes. Or, when we had to play out somewhere, you can bet that little thought was given to 1) getting the kit to the venue and 2) making sure I could hear!

So just some props today to the pounders of the skins! You purveyors of the paradiddle! Flingers of flams! We know that you can bust out and put Neil Pert to shame, but you keep it steady on the rim and ride - until the drum lift, that is! Thank goodness for the drum lift!

A good and consistent worship drummer is key to the success of a worship team. A worship drummer truly has to have a servant's heart. After all, playing the same thing fifty-four times in a row without busting out is an exercise in patience. Since most church musicians are part-time amaturs, having a good, consistent timekeeper set the tempo is of vast importance. Not to mention all that time you just sit back behind the kit while the melody musicians and vocalists argue over keys, choruses and phrases. Or when the flute player takes her two-pound instrument out to the van and never comes back to help with the cymbals stands.

So here's to you!

Joel Klampert posted this little gem about the mechanics and dynamics of rock drumming. If you're impatient (and thus, obviously not a drummer) zip to the end and watch the truly cool slow motion film of the snare and cymbal. Sick!

And here's yours truly having a little "show-off moment" at a concert a couple of years ago, just so's you know I got some chops. (Concerts automatically exempt drummers from the "humble" clause of the contract!) And look, Russ! Sunglasses!


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