Sunday Setlist - December 7

This was a special day at Gospel Light - our Youth Pastor, Elyano Nasciemento, was officially licensed by our oversight body, Harvest Fellowship of Churches. It was a great celebration, and a great worship service.

Our setlist:


Rescue (Anderson)

Main Set:

Trading My Sorrows (Evans)
Turn it Around (Houston/Lindsey)
For Who You Are (Sampson)
Rescue (Anderson)
Healer (Gugliemucci)
Came to My Rescue (Davies/Sampson/Thompson)
You Are My King (Santiago)

"Rescue" was a new song this week, which is why we did it twice. It came out nicely, not as much hitting people as some of the other new ones we've done lately, but still good. I just kept to some light picking in the verse, and a lot of delay in the chorus, and let Justin mostly lead on keys. Same with "Healer." I actually did that droning note on the guitar during the verse, and with the delay/chorus/overdrive it had a nice, chiming feel to it.

I love "For Who You Are." Someone came up during service and testified that that song really said something to her today. And the first line of "Came to My Rescue" literally saw people falling on their knees.

"You Are My King" is a song written by a former worship team member, who moved out of state. We still sing it from time to time, it's so much fun. Done with a little Latin beat.

I lift my voice
and I will give you praise
I dance all day
For you alone gave me
life to live
and I will sing
a new song to you
For you are my King!

So check out what other churches did at Fred McKinnon's blog.


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