Boy, Did They Get This Wrong

Christianity Today has published it's annual list of the best Christian albums of 2008. And the winner is.... [Insert drumroll here]

Albertine by Brook Fraser!

Um, guys..? That record came out in 2006. I'm just sayin'

Not that I have anything against Brook Fraser. I think she has a hauntingly beautiful voice. I was fortunate to be asked to accompany one of our singers soloing "Love is Waiting" at a wedding this year, and it is a lovely song. The Hillsong United version of "Hosanna" is one of my favorites. But as good as Albertine is, can it be said that the best of 2008 music is this 2006 recording? (In fairness, the record was not released in the U.S. until this year, but in these days of the internet and digital media, that hardly matters.)

So, here is my totally random and completely subjective look at the best Christian music from 2008. Everyone else does a Top Ten, Top Five, Top Eight, Top Twelve. I'll give you a Top Four.

4. Darrell Evans - Nothing Less Than Everything - This joint rocks, and brings the music of DE to a new audience of listeners. Youthful, energetic and powerful, this record will appeal to everyone. Check out the review here. Best Song: "Joy of the Lord."

3. Leeland - Opposite Way - Trust me, Leeland is going to be a force to be reckoned with in years to come. I think these guys are just hitting their stride. I saw them live with the Casting Crowns last winter, and then again in November at Rock the Sound. The rise in maturity level and presence over that short amount of time indicates good things to come. This record is peppy, fun and poingnent all at once. Best Song: "Count Me In."

2. David Crowder* Band - Remedy Club Tour Live Edition. - This recording came in a set with a DVD and a bunch of other stuff. Recorded during the Remedy tour in Atlanta and New York City (I was at that show), this record shows why DC*B is one of the best live acts out there. The recording captures not only David's personality and charm, but the enthusiastic audience response. Put it in and crank it. Best Song: "O Praise Him (All This for a King)"

1. Third Day - Revelations - The boys from Marietta get back to their roots in this record - excellent from start to finish. Benefiting from guest appearances by Robert Randolph, Lacy Mosley and Chris Daughtry (yes, that Chris Daughtry) the record offers something for everyone. Best Song: "Call My Name."
So there they are. You could disagree, but you'd be wrong.


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